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The village of Montechiarugolo still maintains its medieval layout, with its characteristic circle of houses surrounding the Castle, one of the best preserved in the province of Parma.
With a typically late-medieval structure (15th century), thick walls, square-shaped bastions and a trapezoidal layout, inside it offers insight into the delicate Renaissance world of large halls adorned with cycles of prestigious frescos, an enchanting frescoed loggia and three internal courtyards offering a green oasis among the austere walls of the castle.
Montechiarugolo is a classic example of a polycentric municipality made up of several towns, the most renowned of which - by virtue of its waters - is Monticelli Terme.
Classic spa and thermal treatments are available in its many baths: inhalation, bathing, mud baths, hydromassage, irrigation as well as motor rehabilitation therapies in a brand new and fully equipped centre. In the park, three indoor salso-bromo-iodic water pools satisfy a full range of specific therapeutic and leisure needs. Annexed to the pools, a relaxation centre includes Turkish bath, sauna, gym and solarium facilities. The Comfort Zone Space Terme di Monticelli wellness centre opened in 2002, and provides cutting-edge treatments.
The municipality of Montechiarugolo is part of three tourist circuits: The “Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza”, the “Circuito dei Castelli Matildici e delle corti reggiane” (“Circuit of the Matildic Castles and Reggio Courts”) and the food and wine trail, “La strada del prosciutto e dei vini dei colli di Parma”.
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